There are two main research areas in this lab - Laser Micromachining
and Hot Embossing Microfabrication.

The master/mold is machined using a Femtosecond Ti: Sapphire Laser and this master
is replicated on polymers using Hot Embossing System. The following
are the machines which have been acquired for this lab.

Spectra Physics Hurricane Femtosecond Ti: Sapphire Laser


Pulse width:              106fs
Wavelength range:     750nm-850nm
Average energy:        1mJ/pulse
Beam profile:            Gaussian
Polarization:              Linear,



Ultra High Precision 3-axis Linear Motion Stage Assembly by Aerotech Inc.


X and Y stage

   Model: ALS20030
   Total Travel: 300mm (12 inches)
   Maximum travel speed: 2 m/s
   Maximum load: Horizontal - 70.0 kg
   Side - 35.0 kg
   Repeatability: +/- 0.5 microns

Z stage

   Model: ALS20020
   Total Travel: 200mm (8 inches)
   Maximum travel speed:
   Maximum load: Horizontal - 80.0 kg
   Side - 40.0 kg


Power meter by Scientech Inc.


Coming soon


Ultrafast High Energy Beam Attenuator by Newport Corporation


Coming soon


2 GHz Oscilloscope by Hewlett Packard


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Dual Column Floor Mounted Material Testing System by Instron Corporation

Specifications: Model 5885

Load Capacity:                             200 kN
Position Control Resolution:          0.06 microns
Minimum Crosshead Speed:           0.001 mm/min
Maximum Crosshead Speed:          500 mm/min
Crosshead Position Repeatability:  
0.015 mm


Air-Cooled Portable Chiller by Advantage Engineering Inc.

Specifications: Model MK-15A

Compressor Capacity:   15 ton
Pump Flow Rate:         36 GPM
Reservoir Capacity:      65 gallons

Oil Temperature Controller by Advantage Engineering Inc.

Specifications: Model 1230H

Heater :               12kW
Coolant Oil:         Paratherm NF
Pump Flow Rate:  30 GPM
Pump Pressure:    24 psi